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Maple Leafs 8 - 0 Senators
Mariners 25 - 0 Yankees
by KRHimself April 17, 2004
A sexual act.
The male fucks the female so hard than when he pulls out his penis, the blood comes spurting out of her vagina.
I gave her the Tokyo Rose last night, it was f*ckin hardcore.
by KRHimself May 08, 2004
Translates into "get the fuck out".
I'm taking a shit! Didi mao!
by KRHimself May 15, 2004
The most overrated city in the world, massively overhyped by the American press and people in general. Former New Yorkers all rave about how great the city is, yet don't live or even visit the actual city anymore. Currently being run (poorly) by Michael Bloomberg.
If New York is the "Greatest City in the World," then North Korea must be the Greatest country in the world.
by KRHimself March 21, 2005
a county in Central Florida, home to Orlando (see Whorelando) and Winter Park.
Orange County, FL = The other OC.
by KRHimself January 23, 2005
A bald eagle-lookalike with no talent in either commercials or tv shows. Still lives in the "glory days" of his playing career, even though they the days have passed by almost 30 years... and even though he was just a token QB on a team built around its defense. see also Pittsburgh Steelers.
Terry Bradshaw could be the most football player of all-time. Carrot Top could have taken that team to the Super Bowl if he was the QB.
by KRHimself November 17, 2004
a Japanese player on the New York Yankees who's only good for hitting. came to America only because he was influenced by both Steinbrenner and his former team, the Yomiuri Giants. nickname Godzilla, partly because his face resembles the character.
Matsui is nothing. He's not even tenth the player Ichiro is.
by KRHimself October 24, 2004
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