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code name for smoking weed.

see also playing videogames.
i'm fixing the car right now, i'll call you back in a few.
by KRHimself January 16, 2005
phrase used when describing someone has a mouth full of braces (hence the 'metal' part).
dude, look at that little Wap! he has his metal to the pedal!
by KRHimself August 24, 2004
A shit baseball team based in the suburb of Osaka, Japan. More choke jobs than any baseball fan in the world can count. 50% of their fans are hooligans, while the other 50% are wannabe hooligans/bandwagon fans who only jump in on the very rare occasion when they have a good season.

In other words, they're the Japanese baseball's answer to the Chicago Cubs.
History of the Hanshin Tigers: Countless years of horrible baseball, with the only bright moment coming in 1985 when they won their only Japan Series title. They had a chance to win another in 2003, but choked away a 3-2 lead to the Daiei Hawks.
by KRHimself September 17, 2005
Japanese word/adjective which roughly translates into "infatuated", "extreme fanatic", or "obsessed to the point of being borderline deranged."

mainly used to describe the Wapanese people who watch ridiculous amounts ofanime. they, in turn, will use the word to dsecribe themselves, as if they are actually proud of being otaku. they don't know that the word has a negative meaning to it.
1: I'm so otaku, I have all the latest Yu-Gi-Oh things, and I just bought the new Ayumi CD! So ureshii!

2: Jesus Christ...
by KRHimself September 03, 2004
Short for wapanese.
Waps give the real Japanese a horrible name.
no Waps were ever born in Japan.
by KRHimself April 25, 2004
The best line from the Paris Hilton Sex Video.
If you haven't seen it, you're missing out.
Yo honey's shot! Proud African black man muthafucka!
by KRHimself February 29, 2004
Going to town with one in the brown.
My friend and I gave Paris Hilton the Shocker last night.
by KRHimself December 18, 2003

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