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nickname for the Japanese.
same thing as jap, although probably not as offensive.
not too many Nips live in Florida, or for that matter, the East Coast.
by KRHimself July 05, 2004
The undisputed champions of Japanese Baseball.
Hanshin Tigers < Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
by KRHimself May 12, 2004
another word for shit.
holy sheeut!
by KRHimself November 09, 2003
a more formal way to say "shoplifting."
Oh, this new IPod? I deboed it... I mean, I got it through pocket purchase.
by KRHimself April 09, 2005
another term for a prep or anyone who is preppy. it implies that they go out and shop for whatever they want, whenever they want to do it.
look at that shoppie walking into the AE store.
by KRHimself November 22, 2004
really just another way to accuse someone of lying or bullshitting.
1: I fucked Paris Hilton.
2: Will you PLEASE stop making up historical facts?
by KRHimself November 19, 2004
same meaning as "nothing", but with an added tone to it.
there's less than nothing to do in WP. fuck it, i'm outta here.
by KRHimself September 10, 2004

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