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what you say to someone when you want him/her to get out of your sight.
get out of my face, you Wap. exit, stage left.
by KRHimself November 05, 2004
The devil's gift to football. Teams that play 4-5-1 usually want to play to a 0-0 draw, attack only when it is absolutely necessary to do so, and make their supporters want to sleep at their seats.
Managers who like to play 4-5-1 include Sven Goran Eriksson and Jose Mourinho.
by KRHimself June 19, 2006
The main street of Winter Park, FL. There are restaurants and boutiques lining either side of the street, and it ends at Rollins College, a prestigious private school.
Park Avenue and its surroundings does a really good job of hiding the other sides of Winter Park, riddled with slums like Kenilworth Shores.
by KRHimself March 17, 2005
a kickass underground hip-hop outfit from Seattle. named after a rapper of the same name, who was unfortunately killed in September 2002.
Priceless Game, a.k.a. PG.
by KRHimself October 31, 2004
the very card that Omarosa loved to play in The Apprentice.

also used by people of virtually every race, even the Caucasians.
Asian: I can't get to the line first?
White: No dude, I was here before you.
Asian: Man, stop bein' all racist, man.
White: Well stop playing the race of spades on me.
by KRHimself September 02, 2004
prime minister of Japan.
seems to kiss up to Dubya waaaayyy too much.
Koizumi is a close friend of George W. Bush.
How close they really are is still a mystery.
by KRHimself July 18, 2004
another form of "shut up", similar to "shut your mouth" or "shut your face."
- I won the lotto yesterday.
- Bullshit, shut your ass.
by KRHimself June 10, 2005

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