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156 definitions by KRHimself

A neighborhood located in the southeast part of Winter Park. It's mostly middle-class, but compared to the lakeside estates and other rich-people neighborhoods in town? This place is a fucking slum.
Kenilworth is fine, but there's just less than nothing to do around here.
by KRHimself October 03, 2004
another word for shit.
"I hacked a shiat load of people today."
by KRHimself November 09, 2003
when the amount of $$ you earn by working overtime is actually less than what you earn in your normal time.
I get paid $7 when I work by normal hours, but only $4 when I work overtime... fuckin Chinese Overtime.
by KRHimself September 30, 2004
see also Ricky Martin and William Hung.

because of American Idol, the William Hung version is now more famous than the Ricky Martin version.
Talk to me, tell me your name...
by KRHimself September 04, 2004
Orlando International Airport
MCO has been shut down once again due to multiple hurricanes.
by KRHimself September 12, 2004
Area code of Tallahassee, FL
Florida's state capitol, not to mention its best university, is located in the 850
by KRHimself September 07, 2005
what you say to someone when you want him/her to get out of your sight.
get out of my face, you Wap. exit, stage left.
by KRHimself November 05, 2004