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Butt sex. The second least desirable form of sex that can be elicited from a woman, behind only Bore 4.
Dude, the second she stopped paying attention I just slipped it out and put it in Bore 3.
by KRAKEN!! March 21, 2010
The mouth. Receiving oral sex is second only to actual sex, so the designation of Bore 2 goes to the mouth of a woman. Receiving oral sex is receiving some Bore 2.
Dude, after that Bore 2 I totally came all over her face.
by KRAKEN!! March 21, 2010
The vagina, oftentimes seen as the most desirable Bore on a woman. The vagina is the most pleasing hole, making it top ranked, as Bore 1.
Dude, I i got her pregnant because I came in her Bore 1..
by KRAKEN!! March 21, 2010

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