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3 definitions by KR12341

A large fat slobulous white guy with a bulbous gut which is large enough to hold a football under. A hyke often gets called fat and lazy by nfl QB's and ahmad rashad.
"look at that hyke, i wouldent wanna see his gunt"
by KR12341 November 09, 2006
When a woman with a large gunt goes running and her knees hit her gunt with every step turning it blue with bruises
"hey look at that fat ass running, i bet when she gets home shes gonna have a blueberry gunt pancake
by KR12341 November 10, 2006
A sandwich made with a large womans bulbous gunt. Also made with gunt cheese and gunt hair.
"today i made a guntwich with gunt cheese and a large slab of hairy gunt"
by KR12341 November 10, 2006