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Kepa's braddah. He rugged too,he's da best JV Football coach ever.
Brah, you bettah watch out Koa get bebe.
by KR March 30, 2005
a pretty sweet cat who enjoys LFO, being an old bitch to rich kids, and Darren's Dance Grooves.
Person 1: Dude, I love this song "Summer Girls" by LFO! I know the whole rap!
Person 2: That is SO Jenny Z.
by KR February 04, 2005
The one and only rugged Himalayan. Boobie should be called booty instead.
Boobie has a big Booty!!!
by KR March 30, 2005
An extravagant masturbatory extravaganza proving you are a complete jack ass.
Boy, after that boondoggle, I just pict up and movied.
by KR November 01, 2004
Kaluka Kumoniwanna Maiava
The Incredible Hulk is a sexy beast.
by KR March 30, 2005

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