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1. something that bums you out or annoys you

2. dressing like a hobo or bum (for either gender it usually refers to wearing just sweats and a tshirt and for girls it also means no makeup and wearing your hair in a messy ponytail)
"Dude, it's bummish that you can't go to the party on Friday."


"I'm going to be looking bummish today because I was too lazy to find nicer clothes."
by KP03 August 10, 2009
It's a term used to describe basically any noun and can be used negatively or positively. It is everything and nothing.
Ex 1
Guy: My dad took my phone away yesterday.
Girl: Oh no. That's so bonkdakk.

Ex 2
Guy: Man, this girl the other day was being a total bonkdakk.

Ex 3
Parent: What the bonkdakk is bonkdakk?!
by kp03 July 25, 2010

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