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to pout your lips like Drake... especially for photo ops or random moments when you think you're being cool...
Why do all of Peter's pics show him pouting his lips?

yeah, he's always drakin' it!
by Kp-Spears February 02, 2010
A modern alternative to kiss my ass. A sarcastic comment said by those that are on the hustle and receive madd luv or madd hate for it.
Ignant Hater: I like your Lambo and all but it would look better if it was white....

Mandy: Negro please. Kiss my swag!
Ignant Hater bending over: just saying though...

Clueless Groupie: oh my gosh Jigga, I totally love that DOA joint.
Jay-Z: Go on and kiss my swag then!
Clueless Groupie: Oh my gosh! Totally!
by Kp-Spears June 06, 2009
An acronym for Kiss My Swag.
Stoopid Girl: I like your music and all but I think you need Soulja Boy on the hook...
Talib Kweli: Girl please. KMS!
Stoopid Girl, dragging on her gum with her talons: Nigga you ain't shit!

Dick Rider: Dude them kicks are too fresh!
The Man: You know This! KMS!
by Kp-Spears June 07, 2009

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