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A Blunt and Forty ounce malt liquor combo see "breakfast"
Man, its the first of the month im gonna get a B40 and get fucked up.
by Koolaid March 28, 2005
(noun) a person that is a Stoner and a Nerd origin: mc chris blog
Stonerds play Star Wars Monopoly while listening to Bob Marley.
by Koolaid July 11, 2005
1.a term used when a person is refering to something technical about which he has no real knowlege.
2.often used in a response to the question "What were you doing?"

Originally used in the movie "Tommy Boy" with Chris Farley.
1.Q:"Hey, do you know what's wrong with my computer?"
A:Yeah just a second I think there may be a problem with the rotary girder.
2.Q:"Dude, what the hell are you doing?"
A: Sorry, I was just checking the specs on the rotary girder.
by KoolAid March 10, 2004
When some things is tizzite AND crunk. its crizzunk. origin south texas.
Dude my 21st birthday was crizzunk!
by Koolaid May 09, 2005
A nifty way of saying the good ol' "mother fucker".
That muggafugga ate my lunch!
by KoolAid December 01, 2003
Someone of the female gender who enjoys caressing the penis.
Hey guys, look its the petter! Boy does she love petting.
by KoolAid March 10, 2004
Verb used to describe severe inebriation,

Comes from "Schitski" a polish sounding name. Being "Schitski'd is being so drunk that when someone tries to talk they sound polish.
Drunk Guy on Couch: Scheneblyia Weckbutan Litzkiniyajebv
Alex: That dude is totally Schitzski'd, I hope someone is taking him home.
by KOOLAID October 29, 2010
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