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Noun: A person who designs an infallible plan with impeccable craftmanship, and/or proceeds, virtually invulnerable and unstoppable by any opposition, to carry out to completion said scheme, and while operating with a skillset which displays such a degree of mastery, so perfectly flawless in it's precision, that it appears as though the performer/ance is almost supernatural. ₯Verb: Ninjaneering: The act of scheming and/or executing with seemingly remarkable artistry, an invincible strategy, concocting and/or enacting an unbeatable, indestructible, foolproof set of plans.
1) My 18 month old son is such a little badass: you should see him running around- he is an absolute ninjaneer on that playground! 2) Candace is so deluded, thinking she can ninjaneer a breakup between me and my man, as that bitch just doesn't possess the skills.
by KMurda September 01, 2012

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