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AMAZINGLY fabulous female impersonator in Western Washington ... classy, talented, gorgeous, hawt, sexy, everyone wants to be like her
"Did you see the drag show last night?"
"Yeah Flirticia Fondue kicked all their tired butts with her sparkling routines!!"

"Did you see Flirticia's outfit?"
"I would kill to get a dress like that!!"
by KMacAttack May 29, 2012
Finder of things that are lost forever, fixer of things broken beyond repair, amazing lover, poet, friend, sexy like no one else you have ever met... Never gets jealous, has seen all kinds of crazy, loves a Laura (who doesn't), King of all Benjamins.
Benjabear shagged me so hard last night I couldn't walk.

Benjabear fixed my car and the speakers to my tv, he's sooo amazing <3
by KMacAttack May 29, 2012

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