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1 definition by KMN MakinAMessInYourMouth

Fuck My Legs-

A. used in situations where people know their dancing capabilities are limited.
B. Used in the military by injured military personnel.

1.Women who can't orgasm because of the relatively small size of their partners' penis find thigh fucking(urban dictionary has erroneous definition) to be a preferred method.

2. Aside from thigh fucking, women often lay ontop of their partner with the penis running length wise along the labia between their legs so the head points to their AssHole, keeping it out of the vaginal cavity in order to stimulate clitoral arousal.
(hot bitch) lets dance stud!
(KMN) FML's I can't dance for the life of me. Atleast not standing up...

{Drill Sergeant} (after a parachute jump) Get up Private, what's wrong with you, stop dreaming about mand-candy in your mouth and fall back in formation! MOVE!!!!
{Private}(in agonizing pain) I can't sarge!!! FML!!! FML! FUCK MY LEG IS BROKEN!!

{HugeTwat} Man I'm so glad I ran into such a big dude tonight.... I thought I would have to settle for one of these small skinny guys at the library...I need you to stuff me right now
{BigMotherFucker} OK
{HugeTwat} what the fuck is that little dick? W/e i guess its going to be another FML tonight..
by KMN MakinAMessInYourMouth May 14, 2009