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Innovative hip-hop punk rock group from Southern cali. So fresh, original and independent that haters can't even comprehend the movement they have created. Founding and running their own label, Suburban Noize Records, was not easy, but they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the underground music scene. sponsored by and in partnership with SRH productions, shit talkers will find that the Kings DGAF what they think, so move on.... you're just jealous.
Kottonmouth Kings is a lifestyle movement.
by KMKween_4_life March 15, 2005
1605 is the numerical part of the address of the house where the KMK (Kottonmouth Kings) first came together and became the driving force in underground music that they are today.
1605, where the homies reside....
by KMKween_4_life March 16, 2005
The self-funded and independently run record label founded by the Kottonmouth Kings. In association with SRH Productions, SubNoize Records, as it is know by fans, has a fiercely loyal and diverse listening audience. Artists include the Kottonmouth Kings, OPM, Judge D, MOWER, Big B, Saint Dog and Big Hoss, as well as other hip-hop and rock acts.
I've been rockin nothin but Suburban Noize in my whip this week!
by KMKween_4_life March 16, 2005
1. Affirmative
2. Absolute certainty
I know that fo shiggety
That's going down fo shiggety
by KMKween_4_life March 16, 2005
Other People's Money
Man, this cellie bill is killin me, I gotta get some OPM.
by KMKween_4_life March 21, 2005
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