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4 definitions by KMK

to correct something that did not turn out as expected.
"Get the Assembly Dept. over here, and unfuckify this job...it has to ship today!"
by KMK October 27, 2003
The camoflage colored cans of Spam found in southern Wal Mart locations.
" I can sit and eat in this here treestand all day...Bambi won't never see my Spamoflage".
by KMK October 31, 2003
emk & kmk's word for dating many people marrying each other at the same time
md will marry cb & kk & cg; cb will also marry nf, cg will also marry ek, ek will also marry sr & ac & ow & mr, & kmk will marry everyone
by kmk January 29, 2005
A name for a guy that smokes a lot of weed.
Look at the stoned potty
by kmk June 21, 2004