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synonyms: cool, kick ass, tight
dude, that 360 ollie that guy just did was diesel as shit
by KMILLA September 12, 2007
a game originally played by a bunch of high assholes in some kids basement.
three categories can trigger a par:
1: Cheese
2: Marijuana
3: sports
This includes anything related to those words. Saying a type of cheese, anything relating or in reference to marijuana, sports ( this includes players names or common sports related phrases such as "swing batter batter")
once you say something that triggers a par, any surrounding player can "par" you but only up to 30 seconds after the word has been said.

once you have been "par"'d you must do the following:
1:ball your right fist
2:use your left hand to push it down to your knee's
3:launch your right fist up till it almost hits you in the face
4: lick your knuckle

If you refuse to do this, all other players can punch you in the face.

How to par: when someone says one of the three words(or words relating to) shout "par" at them.
dude 1: what kind of pizza did you want tonight?
dude 2: i don't know, cheese?
dude 1: PAR!!!!!
dude 2: shit man, :::::licks knuckle:::: you fucking got me again!
girl 1: man, you shoulda been there we smoked some dank outa john's bubbler
girl 2: PAR!
girl 1: :::::::licks knuckle::::::: i suck at this game
by KMILLA September 12, 2007

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