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The greatest mother F***ing chicken
Popeyes chicken is fucking awsome!
Popeyes chicken is the Shizzney!
by KKK (Kunt Kings Klub) August 05, 2003
Norwich, New York (Hell)
I'm gonna vist Shit Ville today!
by KKK (Kunt Kings Klub) May 10, 2003
What big Martha uses to work out.
Get the fuck off my Bowflex before i fuck you up. If you ever use my Bowflex again ill kill you. Got it Ho!
by KKK (Kunt Kings Klub) May 31, 2003
The Kunt Kings Klub (KKK) is about the cunt. We love the all american cunt.
Fuck me in the Kunt, oh big daddy.
by KKK (Kunt Kings Klub) May 31, 2003

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