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2 definitions by KKFridge.com

Cool, amazing, new! FANTASTIC! - another word for edgy
thats kinda querky!
by KKFridge.com December 14, 2010
A word used to describe something pretty awsome. Something extrordinary, or even something that is so weird and 'uncool' thats it becomes cool. The word edgy comes with it's own scale.
Spiral - not edgy at all
Almost Edgy - It's ok, almost there!
Kinda edgy - When your not sure if its edgy but you think its cool.
The edgiest edge in sound edge - Really Really Edgy but it could be edgier.
THE EDGE - Something so edgy it cannot be described - something where you can't say anything that its so cool - like WOW cool.
THATS DEFINATELY NOT TACKY.....i'd say its edgy!
by KKFridge.com December 12, 2010