35 definitions by KK

is a word we made up in school and vega sucks =/
dave your a bumra sometimes =/
by kk April 04, 2005
1. To kill another player in a first-person shooter game. (archaic; see owned, pwned, pwnt)

2. To kill a person in real-life combat, esp. by friendly fire.
Frag or be fragged.
by kk November 28, 2003
a gymnast of course, friends with gymrat, alexaleigh13, and others. lots of others. this really isnt a defintion.
Gymnut126 is a monkey on crack
by kk November 09, 2003
An aging man who mostly behaves worse than a 2 year old boy. Known to crawl in beds of homes he inspects, and collects roaches so he will have some thing to play with when he gets off work.
That man is just a McCreary!
by KK January 28, 2004
to lose it, but in a good way, usually a 5-30 minute period of total chaos, usually brought on by excessive drinking.
then we all just ran down to the beach and jumped in the water even though it was 3am, we just wigged out.
by kk April 10, 2005
a wasteland of nauseating 'issue-based' teen dramas such as "Moesha", "South of Nowhere", "Miracle's Boys", and worst of all "Degrassi" (with the exception of "Radio Free Roscoe", one of the few escapist teen shows out there but also the BEST!)
you damn Urbandictionary.com users should whine about the unnecessary flood of these stupid moral-of-the-week teen shows on The-N instead of 'Laguna Beach' and MTV! I've heard that 'MTV is for conformist teenyboppers' crap WAY TOO MUCH, and i don't consider myself a fan of MTV.
by KK March 02, 2006
baby, what a guy calls a girl.
hey, babi what up?
by kk May 14, 2003

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