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An attractive, perhaps even hot pregnant woman.
Did you see Rachel? She's at least 5 months along but in those maternity jeans, she was looking pregalicious!

For a pregnant woman Rachel is lookin' pregalicious!

Damn girl, you might be pregnant but you is pregalicious!
by KJack February 11, 2013
a.k.a Baltimore Colts screw job. when a person, place, or thing screws another person, place, or thing who then screws another person, place, or thing in retaliation, thus creating a domino effect.
Famous Domino Screw Jobs

1. When Robert Irsay moved the Baltimore Colts, little did he know that he would screw not only Baltimore, but also Cleveland for years later Baltimore got the Cleveland Browns to move there and leaving Cleveland a horrible team after 3 years of inactivity.

2. When the Seattle Seahawks signed Pete Carroll from USC, they also screwed Tennessee because USC signed Lane Kiffin in Retaliation
by KJACK January 13, 2010
A pun on haute couture meaning a clothing genre defined by mis-matched & ill-fitting pieces that one refuses to give away or donate to charity, where they belong.

A look defined by clothing that is "long in the tooth" yet still worn and considered appropriate/stylish by the wearer.

A grouping of clothing articles that only a destitue/homeless person in dire need would wear, when provided by charity.
My husband has so many new designer duds, yet he still chooses to shop from the closet with the homeless collection of clothes......

Why are you dressing yourself from a homeless collection? Have you not looked in the mirror?

He was so cheap his clothes look like they came from a homeless collection yet he thinks he looks great!
by KJack February 11, 2013
when a star or recognizable player on a team is extensively benched for long periods of time. named after Stephon Marbury, who was benched early in the 08-09 NBA season before finally getting released by the Knicks
Nate Robinson has been benched for 8 games straight with no sight of letting up.

only way nate comes back is thru injury. he has been marburried.
by KJACK December 19, 2009
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