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45 definitions by KJ

poopie. Be bo boop beep bop blip blip bee beep be be dee bee dee bee beep blip!

Right or LEFT
AJ her Beepbo
beep be be dee bee dee bee beep blip!
by KJ December 08, 2004
Beer made by bloods. The can contains the 5-point star and the 5-point crown on it, with a red background. Also has a capital "B" on it. Was really suppose to say "Bloodweiser", but plans were changed.
Blood #1: "Hey blood, pass me some Bloodweiser, will ya!"
Blood #2: "Alright there B-dogg."
by KJ March 08, 2005
A slang term for b.o. otherwise known as body odour. The numbers stand for the letters, they way they appear on a telephone keypad.
"The guy next to me ordering a drink had the worst two six."
by KJ March 01, 2005