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45 definitions by KJ

Something unexpected, surprising, exciting
I got this toe popper of a kiss from the homeless man on the street corner! Then he asked me for $5...
by KJ November 07, 2003
3 11
Beer made by bloods. The can contains the 5-point star and the 5-point crown on it, with a red background. Also has a capital "B" on it. Was really suppose to say "Bloodweiser", but plans were changed.
See budweiser as well.
Blood #1: "Hey blood, pass me some Bloodweiser, will ya!"
Blood #2: "Aight B-dogg."
by KJ March 08, 2005
8 19
A girl who walks and talks and dresses like a sork, but acts like a ho.
See the nerd slut over there, in the Walmart thong.
by KJ October 03, 2003
8 27
A very bad place to live.
"I hate living here in (insert place here) its almost as bad as Niskyuna..."
by KJ April 06, 2003
6 28
A note 92 cents belob the lowest Eb octave that makes people lose bowel controls. From south park and awesome ass show.
Hey guys i found it, i foundt he brown noise
by KJ October 24, 2003
33 67
A move where a male ejaculates into a female's navel and proceeds to lick out his own jizz.
He gives a simply erotic consumer!
by KJ April 08, 2004
9 51
A flimsy undergarment for women, otherwise known as a g-string, thong or as my father likes to call them, "butt floss."
I won't let my dad see my doing my laundry because he refers to all my underwear as slingshots.
by KJ October 03, 2003
28 70