45 definitions by KJ

in a word, to fart.
He cut one from the herd after downing three cans of refriend beans.
by KJ April 08, 2004
The roll of flesh that can sometimes be seen hanging over the waistband of low-rider pants. Usually caused by the combination of a belly shirt, low-rider jeans, and a failed sense of what looks good.
Her bloopover makes me think of the Michelin Man.
by kj March 10, 2005
ditto or same as;
Used in converstion context.
Frank: Dude..I'm so tired!!
Bob: Dude...snarflac
by Kj November 16, 2004
a fat beast who orders young girls to run while she cannot because her heart will give out. also, molests girls in the locker room.
"um...i'm topless."
by KJ December 09, 2003
The wrong spelling of roc-a-fella.
Dominique:(on am IM) Hey i didnt know jay-z left rock-a-fella
Shawn: He didnt, he left ROC-a-fella
by KJ March 06, 2005
to get punked
"oh shiet yo he got dupped"
by kj October 27, 2003
Kelly Osbourne's favorite insult.
Jack, don't be such a douche bag.
by KJ October 05, 2003

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