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this is what stace, the man , experiences cuz im payin her back for what she never gave me
omg this is so neglectment, shut up man or imma bitch slap your ears
by kj August 25, 2004

When you can't remember someone's name.
"Remember that guys that you introduced me to, whatsizfuck, who was he?
by KJ October 03, 2003
Term used by confused individuals, who are not sure if they want to hunker down or to go and get in a bunker.
Halo Player 1: F***! A tank with 2 ghosts iz at our base!
Moron: WTF! Oh crap! Bunker down!
by KJ November 11, 2003
Piece of shit minidisc player that false advertised.
The sony MiniDisc can hold 56 hours of music.

The MD only holds 5, the battery last 56 though.
by KJ October 25, 2003
A Ford Ranger. Their dad pays for it, but she drives it and mucks it up with mardi gras beads on the mirror and a bobble head dog on the dashboard.
I left the mall and couldn't find my chick truck in the parking lot.
by KJ October 03, 2003
kill yourself
kill yourself
by kj June 06, 2003
A man so great, so Hot, so awesome and just over all cool women flock to him and men bow to his over all greatness.
"Wow john! at that party you were such a Ky-dogg"
"I wish i could be more Ky-dogg like"
by KJ April 06, 2003

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