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Some one who has many facebook applications installed in his profile
Cherry: OMG, Did you see bruce's facebook? Its so messy with applications that I hardly located his wall
Jim: Oh, shit I know , he is a Facebook Applications Geek.
#facebook #facebook geek #applications #ilike #geek #poke #super wall #super poke
by KIDZO September 27, 2007
Some one who sends you tons of invitations a day "groups,new applications,tags..etc"
Dude1: Gee, Mike is such a fool for bombing my email like that
Dude2: Tell me about him! the other day he sent me 30 invitations at once I took me 10 mins to get rid of all that scum, fucking Facebook bomber.
#facebook #bomb #bomber #facebook annoy #facebook bomber
by KIDZO September 27, 2007
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