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An NHL team that is in its 14th year now in the NHL. Its first franchise year was 1993-1994. After only 14 years it won one of the greatest trophies in all of sports...the Stanley Cup. They are the first team in California to win the Stanley Cup and the first West Coast team to win it since the Victoria Cougars. The Ducks are the 2006-2007 Stanley Cup Champions.They are led by two Norris Trophy winners Scott Neidermayer and Chris Pronger and fan favorites Teemu Selanne and J.S. Giguere. They also have many talented youngsters such as Getzlaf, Perry, and Penner.
Man 1: "Did you watch the Anaheim Ducks game on Wendesday"

Man 2: "Ya I saw the Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup"
by KHintheOC June 26, 2007

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