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Kamahl, Pit Fighter. A Magic the Gathering character with no character whatsoever other than "Ah ha! BASH BASH BASH!" In both incarnations in the cards he was boring and a no-brainer to play. Much like many decks from that period...
Scrub - "Okay, I tap 4GG and cast KAMAHL, FIST OF KROSA! You're gonna die now!"
Me - "Counterspell."
Scrub - "Arse."
by KHD November 08, 2003
Used normally in a disgusted tone of voice, it refers to wanking, contrary to Genesis 38.6. Also referred to as "secret vice".
"Self abuse... is... immoral... and will not be tolerated... for it is contrary to scripture."
by KHD August 20, 2003
Graphic term for semen, come, spunk, willy milk, whatever you want to call it. Derived from the way in which semen is shot out - in a gloopy strand.
"There was liquid rope all over her! Blech!"
by KHD August 19, 2003
1. Woodland creature battle cry.

2. A pretty girl I once knew. But not in a biblical sense (worse luck!)

2. "Ahhh... Sweet Eulalia... I didn't give her one though."
by KHD August 12, 2003
A large, often hairy, man who plays rugby for some local or regional club, is built like a brick house privy, and after the game retires to the pub with the rest of the team to sing rude songs and tell blue jokes.

"OH! Football is for poofters
And tennis is for queers
Cricket is for batty boys
who take it up the rears
Golfers bite their pillows
And swimmers do the same
But! We are proper men because RUGBY is our game!"


"You're a rugger bugger, intcha?"
by KHD August 27, 2003
Being extremely strapped for mana, that is, not drawing enough lands/other mana sources to cast the majority or entirety of the spells in your hand.

Normally, if you are manascrewed, you will be trashed.

Opposite - manaflood
"ARGH! That's the 14th draw in a row I've not scored land! Manascrew!"
by KHD August 27, 2003
Seaside resort on the island of Rhodes. If you're over 30, teetotal, or not promiscuous, avoid it. Most likely its biggest-growing business is the local VD clinic - I hear it sells "frequent flyer" tickets.
"Where you go for your holiday?"
"Oh. Catch any VDs?"
by KHD August 19, 2003
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