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A British day tripper to Calais.
"Eeeeh! C'est un groupe des fuckoffs!"
by KHD August 04, 2003
1. A bunch of chavs who make a lot of noise but are no real threat, hence, a flash in the pan.

2. A boy band who pretends to be hard by giving themselves silly names (Reepa, Rocky B, Kenzie, etc) and thinking they're from the ghetto, when in reality they're a load of suburbian pretty boys with no talent whatsoever. Probably in 10-15 years time all of them will be married to random "normal" women with 2.4 kids and a Ford Focus and a steady job. Talk about life on the streets!
1. Hide your Burberry, here comes a Blazin Squad.

2. Anyone who likes Blazin Squad and wouldn't kick them out of bed is either a) deranged b) desperate or c) both.
by KHD August 31, 2004
Amusing Latin-style party dance:

1. Imagine you have a pencil up your arse.
2. Try to draw a figure 8 on the wall.
"Of course, when it came to dancing the Lambada, Johnny was without equal."
by KHD May 25, 2004
Monosyllabic way of telling somebody to fuck off. Compulsory if you are named Craig Jenners and putting on a bad Irish accent.
"Ahh, f'karrff!"
by KHD October 17, 2003
Thick and Thin - he's really thick and she's really thin. A greasy celebrity couple who were so vacuous they named their firstborn after where it was conceived. Their younger son, Romeo, well, I lost £20 betting that it'd be called Letchworth.
"Oh bloody hell, it's Posh & Becks again. Let's ignore them and perhaps they'll go away."
by KHD October 18, 2003
Used normally in a disgusted tone of voice, it refers to wanking, contrary to Genesis 38.6. Also referred to as "secret vice".
"Self abuse... is... immoral... and will not be tolerated... for it is contrary to scripture."
by KHD August 20, 2003
A silly phrase which is often followed by a completely unfunny jibe. Often used by idiots online who can't think of these things spontaneously.
"Hey! Yo mama so fat/ugly/dumb/whatever that (insert pointless metaphor here)."
by KHD September 04, 2003

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