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Freedom Fries. Rectangular cuts of potato fried in hot vegetable fat and laden with calories and grease. Formerly French Fries, until a gung-ho warmongering US president, specifically George W. Bush, decreed otherwise in possible the most petty "patriotic" move possible. However, this appears to have the wrong effect - The French find the idea of "les frites de la liberté" extremely amusing. Quite frankly I can't say I blame them.

Ah well, I suppose it sums up the calibre of Bush and all those who support him. Idiots.
"It's been another stellar night for KHD. First I went out to MacDonalds and ate some Freedom Fries (chips), then I met up with my girl friend, gave her a Freedom Kiss (tongue kiss). We were making out quite a lot, and we probably would have ended up in bed if I'd remembered to pack a Freedom Letter (condom). Cos without such an item one risks the Freedom Pox (syphilis). So we just went to bed separately. When we woke up, I made her dome Freedom Toast (tartines) and brought her breakfast in bed."
by KHD June 07, 2003
Mize, also mise. Magic the Gathering vernacular, referring to any unexpected yet beneficial event. Corruption of "Might as well..."
"Ah ha! I mized a shock!"
by KHD June 07, 2003
What almost every AOhell user aged 16-21 and female claims they are.
"XxSHeXiixxGuRL87xX: NE1 WANNA CHT 2 18/F/LON MODEL??? :-*"
by KHD June 23, 2005
Superlative of pwned, gaming vernacular. What happens when one utterly humiliates one's opponent to an extent not thought physically possible. For example, at Magic the Gathering, trashing somebody on turn 3 or earlier thanks to utter skill and/or a miseworthy opening hand is an example of qwnage.

Note - Sometimes it is pronounced "Quoned", but I prefer to think of it as "Quooned."
"I utterly qwned that scrub over there playing Sligh. Heh."
by KHD September 13, 2003
The thick set bloke who stands in the gents in London clubs and passes you paper towels and squirts you soap, then stands looking disapproving until you give him a handful of pound coins.
The bog-troll at Trap disapproved of my £1.20 and smacked me in the face. I shan't be going back.
by KHD December 26, 2004
To have a long, sharp object penetrate you to deadly effect. Especially by a pixellated knight on a certain one-armed dragon.

Also see arrowed
"Stupid friggin' knights!"
by KHD September 25, 2003
Male-free spelling of "woman". Apparently designed by Bina Goldfield in an attempt to remind men that they make up slightly less than 50% of the human race, yet was discredited by Goldfield's use of "femstruate", "afemdfemt", and "femsion". Now unly used by really nutty feminists.
"I decline to ovarify," the wofem declared, "on the protection afforded to me by the Fifth Afemdfemt."
by KHD October 03, 2003
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