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A gang bang. Where a string of men engage in one-after-the-other sex with a single woman. I personally not only pity her, but also whoever is number 11 on the team... Talk about Sloppy Seconds!!!
Apparently a buch of Premiership footballers were caught "roasting" some hooker in a pub in Croydon.
by KHD May 17, 2004
English words that are sued in the French language.
Le sandwich.
Le weekend.
Faire du shopping.
Le best of.
Le flipper.
Les fuckoffs.
by KHD August 02, 2003
Corruption of "owned". Used amongst gamers to describe doling out a savage beating to a fellow gamer - or, "serious pwnage".

Pronunciations range from "poned" and "pooned" to "pwooned" and "pwunned". I favour the latter pair myself.
"Well, no wonder... we were all pwned!"
by KHD July 16, 2003
A truly meaningless state of being, specifically, that of someone yet to engage in sexual intercourse with another person. Some people grant it more cachet or stigma than it truly deserves, in all honesty.

That being said, there is something uniquely thrilling about taking someone else's virginity.
"Virginity's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a state of being." - Inara Serra, Firefly, episode 8, "Jaynestown"
by KHD April 14, 2006
Trading Card Game which is strictly inferior to Magic the Gathering. You can tell the calibre of a TCG by the name of its sets, and if "Evo-Crushinators of Doom" and "Rampage of the Super Warriors" are anything to go by, DM won't last very long.

Oh, and some of its cards are named "Fatal Attacker Horvath" and "Miele, Vizier of Lightning" (a common, by the way.)
Me: "I've got some Duel Masters cards to sell here... Foil Bolshack Dragon..."
DM Kid: "WOW!!! I'll give you £14 for it!"
Me: "Deal. Well done, and you certainly have been."
by KHD May 10, 2004
1. A member of a nomadic tribe which inhabited Europe at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire.

2. US vernacular for a faux-punky individual who takes pride in their image ad nauseam and thinks everyone else should have a similar image. Often they have large numbers of friends who look and think just the same and piss on those who are not in their group. They get their clothes from places which sell rubbish at huge prices. Therefore I firmly believe they can be dispensed with, for their image-over-substance led lifestyle is inimical to society.

See also prep.
1. "Ahhhh! The Goths are coming!!! Hide!"

2. "Pfft... Shurrup Bradley yer fuckin' gothic!!"
by KHD August 16, 2003
An act of masturbation when performed in a group, a circle jerk with commentary.
"Let's all have a communal kang."
by KHD August 04, 2003

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