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The act of two men or two women marrying. There is absolutely nothing bloody wrong with this. Why should the government stop you from getting married to who you want to? Afterall, in some states it's okay to marry your cousin, but you don't see Bush doing anything about that.

Conservatives really need to get over themselves and realize that the whole world won't conform to their ways. Fortunately enough. There are too many airheads as it is.
Gay Marriage is a wonderful thing and is absolutely amazing.

And thankfully Marijuana won't be legalized. There are enough potheads as it is, they're called conservatives.
by KGA April 29, 2005
The termination of a pregnancy, whether wanted or unwanted.

There are many reasons to have an abortion, some are:
-The woman isn't ready to be a mother.
-The woman's health is in danger.
-The embryo/fetus' health is in danger.
-The embryo/fetus has something wrong with it.
-The woman is a survivor of rape.

Many Republicans (conservatives) feel that abortion is wrong, yet they support the war in Iraq and our president, who doesn't seem to be doing much about the genocide happening in Darfur.
Abortion is something that can help a woman in tremendous ways. And it is not murder. A fetus or embryo is not a child since in most aborted cases, it can not live outside of the womb and is not viable in any sense.
by KGA April 29, 2005
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