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1 definition by KFF

The best Cartoon, possibly ever.
It is a spin-off from Rugrats, and uses all of the same characters.
The only difference being, that this show rocks, while Rugrats sucked.
It was set 9 years in the future.
This is one of the few things that Nickelodeon did right for once, until they cancelled it after 55 shows.
The Pilot for this was entitled "All Growed Up", and was a rugrats episode where the kids went forward in time, ten years.
This Episode was the highest rated Nick show, EVER! The ratings for this Episode were not just the highest of any Rugrats Episode, but the highest for any Episode of any Nick show, with an Original airdate of August, 11, 2001.
All Grown Up! began broadcasting on April, 12, 2003, with Episode 2, Coup DeVille, however Episode 1 was not aired, until November 29, 2003.
All Grown Up! is a awesome show, and I totally support the relationship between Kimi and Tommy, even before I saw the episode TP+KF.
by KFF October 08, 2008