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Also known as rape. Though some argue that hollering "Suprise" before the act of raping someone thus makes it suprise sex. a crime which is less severe than rape but is still looked down upon by; teachers, mothers, and the pope.
"suprise what?"
"suprise sex bitch stop screamin'."
by KEEPING January 11, 2009
The word used to describe the kind of scene of total and utter desolation, desomation and isolation. Usually uttered to either oneself or to a friend upon the arrival to a party that noone went to/everyone has already been to a totaled the place.

Taken from the British TV drama Deadset, in which the cast find themselves alone in the middle of a post-apocolyptic wasteland dressed in drag and not nearly crunk enough.
"Ah man, Jas' party was a total deadset, no drink, no drugs and nobody even showed up."
"Didn't stop you from projectile vomiting and stealing a TV though did it?"
"Heeeell no."
by KEEPING December 20, 2008

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