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1.Hardest rap group out of Harlem and the best out since the Harlem Rennassaince. Started by Killa Cam and Jim Jones. Operated in NYC Diplomat Records.

2. Best Out

3. Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana

4. Movement that put out critically aclaimed mixtapes and CDs such as Diplomatic Immunity, Dip Set Byrd Gang and Final Destination along with Diplomats Vol. I-V and has expanded outside of New York, now garnering the best talent.

5. Diplomats/DipSet Byrd Gang/

antonym:Purple City,The Senate,Taliban
Dip Set, b****
Juelz Santana
Jim Jones
Freeky Zeekey
Duke Da god
JR Writer
Hell Rell
40 Cal
Jha Jha
by KE3 September 01, 2005

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