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2 definitions by KDCNirvana09

A Female That drives around with bogan blokes drinking heavily and listnin 2 Hard Rock And usually not always ends up sleepin wit most of the boys Generally really sexc (Sometimes Fugly), wears jeans and skanky tops or yu get yur hawt clean chicks with band tees on!!They Cruise Round All Day Wasting Heaps Of Fuel Generally in Holdens Or Fords..But Holdens Are Better!
" Cab Yur Such A Fukn Bogan Bitch"

" Lauren yu Sexc Bogan Bitch"
by KDCNirvana09 January 28, 2009
A Long line Of People Giving anal and moving at the same time
"holy Shit Look At That Massive Trainal"
by KDCNirvana09 January 31, 2009