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The best fucking drink in the world. Not too mention the manliest. Mixed with weed, it can cause one to become fucking crunk. Puts hair on your chest.
I'm on whiskey right now and it's just fucking great.
by KD42 November 15, 2010
When you're high off your ass to the point where you can't even think anymore.

When you're fucking chink eyed.
I am one baked motherfucker.
by KD42 December 22, 2010
Used to describe extreme disbelief or shock, basically saying "Bless those bastards/that situation."
"I walk with three kids that can't wait to meet God

lately, that's Bucktooth, Mohamed and Crybaby,

what they do everyday just to eat lord ha' mercy,

strapped with an AK and they blood thirsty..." - K'naan, What's Hardcore
by KD42 March 11, 2011
Not necessarily a derogatory term unless an Asian person takes it as so. Most Asians who do smoke pot have distinguished a fine line between the derogatory term (Chink) and this term. And I've met some cool Asians that will allow you to say the latter without shooting an AK-47 at your head.

This is just a term to describe the squinting eyes that one gets when taking the drug, Cannabis.
The author of this definition, KD42 is chink eyed all the time, and thinks Asian women are really hot.
by KD42 February 28, 2011
Someone who is retarded. Mentally disabled.
Fans of George Bush are special in the head.
by KD42 February 07, 2011
The food you eat when you're stoned (you aren't always necessarily hungry). Sometimes you're just stoned and the flavour of food is highly enhanced or tastes completely different.

Differs from The Munchies as Munchies is the food you get when you have The Munchies. Thought I'd clear that up for you all.

Disambiguation: Munchies snack mix consisting of Doritos, Sun Chips, Rold Gold pretzels, and Cheetos (the original exploitation of the word). - Fucking delicious munchies.
- Chips
- Chocolate
- Ice cream
- ANYthing extremely sweet, salty, spicy, and/or crunchy

- Pretty much any food you can think of including things that you haven't thought of can be munchies.
by KD42 March 21, 2011
Someone who is very stupid or just ignorant, and can't comprehend the most basic things..

- 90% of the time this is all an act to piss off other people.

- Watch out for these people, they can be hard to spot sometimes, and at others, it's very easy.

Joe: Oh yeah Avatar was a great movie!

*friend goes to see movie*

Billy: You son of a bitch! That was a chick flick designed to make women swoon. You're not so bright a bulb!
by KD42 February 28, 2011
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