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A hindi word for cauliflower
I had the best gobi dish for lunch.
by KD October 18, 2004
Yeeeeaaah, Thats my sweet meet.
by KD November 14, 2002
Something an obsessed Dr Who fan can pretend is an episode of a television programmes which stopped being made years ago.
Of course "Worzel Gummidge" is canonical.
by kd June 03, 2004
dirt/grime. one of ghetto quality.
arrogant people. people who do you dirty. people who do you wrong.
by KD April 01, 2005
Often associated with the loss of something or a dreaded situation. The feeling of your heart being either in your throat or in your gut.
I flew by a cop going 50 over the speed limit. I was so overcome by "the fear" that I quit paying attention to the road and crashed my car.
by KD March 17, 2005
someone or somthing with slitted eyes
caleton grieve
by kd December 08, 2003
putting your foot in your mouth after saying something inappropriate
I bet you feel crunchy after making gay jokes around Jim's homosexual dad.
by KD November 14, 2002

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