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A muscle queen is a gay man who only desires to and exclusively sleeps with extremely and at times grotesquely muscular gay men.
I just saw my ex-boyfriend Gary with some type of bodybuilder. What did he do, turn into a muscle queen overnite?
by KC the gawd March 16, 2008
Baby play is an adult sexual deviant whom gets pleasure out of being treated like a baby, both phsyically and mentally. Such as: (soiling diapers and being changed, being breast fed, goo-goo ga ga talk, wearing bonnets, pacifiers, holding a rattle etc.)
Dude, I walked in on Kirby and this hooker! She had him sprawled out on the bed changing a shitty diaper he was wearing! Kirby is into baby play BIG TIME!
by KC the gawd March 17, 2008
1. A condom farter is an overtly derogatory phrase refering to gay men who receive a substantial amount of anal sex. Hence, farting condoms.

2. A condom farter is a very effective phrase for pointing out a man assuming a heterosexual lifestyle whom you suspect to be gay.
1. Not only is Carlos gay, but he's a total condom farter!

2. Look at the way Mr. Nelson walks.... what a condom farter!
by KC the gawd March 16, 2008
The partition of skin on the male anatomy between your testicles and anus, usually has marginal pubic hair on it.
Yo, when you mooned me last night, you bent over way too far, I had a visual of your strangely enourmous choade!
by KC the gawd July 13, 2008

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