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When you are having anal sex,hopefully with a chick, before you pull out you poke her in the sides so she clentches up and your dick comes out clean.
I hate getting shit on my dick, so I use the clean getaway on my girlfriends.
by KC October 18, 2004
This word began in Loves Park IL. It is a diss, typically combined of the words dork and bitch it is a very good word and can be used in many situations!!
"Check it, that skibber rolln in her thinkn shes so cool, stick ur goddamn nose back in a book"

"What a skibber!! She just STOLE my boyfriend!!"
by KC August 02, 2004
At our school they mean:

Black- sex
Blue- finger
Red- blowjob/handjob
Pink- kiss
Yellow- 69
Orange- eat out
Clear- snappers choice
White- anal
Green- horny
Purple- oral
If I guys snap the pink one off of a girl, they would have to kiss.
by KC February 29, 2004
Asian kid who thinks he's white
Check out that twinkie sportin the abercrombie
by KC April 11, 2003
When sum1 smells n they r disgusting n they make u feel sick!
Get up u fag butt!
Fuk u bumskank
by Kc January 21, 2004
Dave Chapelle in a video game.
"Man...Blackzilla kicked the fuck out of Godzilla yesterday."
by KC March 26, 2004
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