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A girl whos so fat it looks like she has an ass in the front.
That girl has a buttgina.
by KC July 09, 2004
meter in which you measure a girls "hoeness" .. comes from the word Puta which means hoe.. so its a hoemeter.
el putimetro de maria le dio tre vuelta cuando vio el dick de juan
by kc September 18, 2003
Word used to describe all implausible situations. Usually followed by face that pronounces the word without actually voicing it outloud.
"dude guy, i got a lamborghini today."
"orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. or.... oryea"

"hey why don't you go with kristin kreuk to prom"


by kc December 24, 2002
blood-thirsty, tempermental creature that lurks in the dark, preaching its imagined greatness to those of higher status, which, despite its so called greatness, cannot spell infamous.
a jimmy (who rocks ones world)
by kc August 02, 2004
bronfufu is nevar wrong.
"Hey did you talk to BronFuFu?"
"Yea, he said that he can walk with his eyelashes."
"What?? thats umpossible"
"NO.. thats possible!!!!!! BRONFUFU IS NEVAR WRONG"
by KC December 24, 2002
ramen is a brick of hard noodles, Boil em in boiling water and they become noodles, then stir in the seasoning packet! I'm eating Ramen right now! IT'S THE BEST!
I ate ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. :)
by KC January 13, 2004
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