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An outdoor drinking game like nothing you've seen before. It's a cross between horse shoes and flip-cup.

Equipment: Use PVC pipes for goals. PVC pipes (4) should be cut about 6'3" long at an angle so they are easy to stick in the ground (use rebar to place the pipe over if it's hard ground). They should be aprox 6' tall after inserted in the ground. A standard Frisbee.

Field: The goals are set-up anywhere from 20' to 50' apart with a width of 1 - 2" wider than the frisbee you're playing with. Grass or Sand is best, but has been played on gravel, hard pack, and snow.

* Teams are usually made up of 1 or 2 people (2 on each side is the most common)

*Teams stand behind the other teams' goal. You are not permitted to step in front of the nearest goal to throw, and you are not permitted to interfere with the thrown frisbee until it has passed the goal.

*Solo cups are placed upside down on each PVC pipe (4). They are always in play, and counts for 1 point each time one hits the ground.

* If the Frisbee makes a CLEAN pass thru the goal and hits the ground it is 3 points.

* Cardinal Rule - Players all must have a solo cup of beer in their hand at all times. Spillage is okay, but if you drop the cup and it hits the ground, it's a 3 point penalty and you have to finish everyone's beer on the playing field before the game can continue.

* If there is a dispute on a call, one member from each team will have a drink-off at mid field with a full beer. Of course the winner wins the argument.

*For every point scored a drink must be taken by the team that was scored on.

*If the other team calls you out for an empty cup, you must drink everyone else's beer on the field before play can resume. (There's usually a few beer refill timeouts each game)

* Game is usally 11 or 15 points, and you must win by 2. Losing team must finish their beers before exiting field.

There are also various home-field rules that are made up, for instance one is if your frisbee throw is short of the goals the other team can throw from that point.

Make sure you have plenty of beer on hand as some gets spilled and a lot gets drank.

This is by far the best drinking game ever.

Crabbs, Jamey, Grant and I are all heading over to the park for a game of frisbeer.

I hope you have plenty of beer.

Well we each are required to bring a 30-pack of PBR.

Forecast for later: Grass stains, Hangover, and WPB.
by KBar August 27, 2009
Its when a woman is tied up like a pinata and her pleasure hole is stuffed with hard candy (jolly ranchers, life savers, etc) and the man beats the woman's pussy with his cock until the candy falls out. This is a great way to start a party.
I met a nasty girl last night and she let me do the Vaginata to her. It was such a great way to start the party.
by kbar August 17, 2010
Just a fun way of asking a friend if they've seen The Donkey Show. A fun play on words. Similar to Sofa King.
Hey Man, when you were in Tijuanna did you catch the Dawn Key show?
by KBar March 01, 2011

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