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Hoe in Spanish.
UGH!Natasha is such a little Azada!
by KAYLA,YO? April 21, 2009
Is a tv show about 16 year old girls who become pregnant, their boyfriends are all still present. All of the dads except for Maci's boyfriend were very helpful, Josh- Ebony's boy friend is very helpful, he even got Ebony food,drinks and a chair to rest her feet on after she just got home from the hospital. 16 and Pregnant is a very good show that shows you a very important issue and it also shows you the truth in it,unlike The Secret life of the American Teenager,which I might add is also somewhat truthful and a very good show also.

Oh yeah and the only single mom is Farrah, but she chose to keep the daddy out of the baby's life.

All the couples names are:
Maci and Ryan with Baby Bentley
Farrah with Baby Sophia
Amber and Gary with Baby Leah
Ebony and Josh with Baby Jocelyn
Whitney and Weston with Baby Weston Jr
Catelyn and Tyler with their baby who was adopted

Contrary to what most of you think, this isn't trashy at all!
Ebony and Fiance Josh are having a baby girl.
16 and Pregnant,yo!?
by KAYLA,YO? August 21, 2009

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