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a rapper from ATL.quoted from Ti in an interview "Well my name is Tip. Anybody that knows me from the streets or knows me personally calls me Tip. My momma calls me Tip, my grandmomma calls me Tip, everybody. When I rap I say T.I.P. because when I say Tip, because of my accent, people used to think I was saying Chip, Chuck, you know.. so I spell it out T.I.P.

I got signed as T.I.P. but when LaFace Records merged with Arista that put me on the same label as Q-Tip and they didn't want to work two albums with names so similar. So they asked me to change my name to T.I. "
Yeah you know they call me T.I.
but you dont know me
You be hatin an i see why
cause you dont know me
by Kaykay March 10, 2005
An statement expressing agreement with another person.
"Wanna go to the store?"
"Fo shizzle my nizzo!"
by KayKay September 15, 2003
alex lamonds's big bros music hahahahaahahahahahahahahah! fuck you!!!
he is bad rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kaykay April 07, 2005
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