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A very normal person who talks alot. Very funny he is very friendly to the ladies and usally talks to the ladies when you see him the ladies usally find him intrestting (in a good way) and loves talking to noel. The name noel is usally a girls name but sometimes used as a boys name. If it is a guy it is usally intrestted in sports and may bring up sports if you are talking to him. Usally some people might hate on noel but the noel will just ignore them and make a joke off of them. You all should meet a guy or a girl named noel he/she will turn your life around.
guy examples
girl1 : have you met noel
Girl 2: No

GIRL 1 : wELL you really need to meet him he is a really good friend

Girl Examples
Guy 1: Have you met noel she is always stating drama stay a way from her
by KATIYYO4 November 14, 2010

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