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a woman's vagina which has not been properly groomed or maintained.
God Michelle, you fucktwat, i can see your dirty perogie through your underwear. No one will want to chuck it in!
by kat February 13, 2004
A band, formerly known as all your base are belong to us, formerly known as vermicious k.
hey everyone! go buy get set go's new album "so you've ruined your life"!!! now!
by kat November 17, 2003
The Glam Rock Panda is a rare breed of the Chinese marsupial, dwelling in the alleyways of China's harems and bar streets. They are normally six feet tall, covered from head to toe in neon green dyed fur, and wear what drunken onlookers have described as "shitloads of makeup". They are, without a doubt, the ninth wonder of the world, and should be given utmost respect and appreciation. The mating call sounds very similar to that of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
"You skank, you so tried to copy the Glam Rock Panda to steal mah man! FUCK YOU, HOE!" *throws drink in face*
by Kat November 19, 2004
A person of European descent who is also a homosexual.
I was talking to Henry and he called me a Caugaysian so I called him a Gayrab. Isn't being gay fun?
by Kat June 19, 2004
a north yorkshire term for a coat
get yer ganzie on its bloody freezing ouy
by kat December 10, 2003
AN AWESOME BAND!!! go to www.limbeck.net and witness their awesomeness!
I love the song "Julia" by Limbeck. They're from the OC.
by kat November 29, 2003
The male variation on the female "Butterface" since the wordplay doesn't work when you're talking about guys.
(Re-working of the line from Nelly's EI Tipdrill song) He a buttis face: everythang look good on him - But 'is face.

Some examples of famous buttisfaces are: Scott Stapp, Vin Diesel, Ja Rule and Till Lindemann from Rammstein.
by Kat May 27, 2004

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