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182 definitions by KAT

when someone comes into work looking distraught, or visibly upset, pouting, or sporting general negative vibes you say this to lighten the mood.
K: {comes in looking hungover and like she just did the walk of shame}
M: Who peed in your Wheaties??
by Kat November 25, 2004
A writing system imported from China several centuries ago and still in use today in Japan. Unlike katakana and hiragana, each pictogram does not represent a syllable, but meaning. Two or more kanji can be placed together to form compound words. You can also combine with hiragana.

Books aimed at a younger audience will often have furigana giving the pronunciation for kanji and its compounds.
"I don't know how to pronounce this word because it's written in kanji!"
by Kat January 21, 2004
insane with anger
When Joan's boyfriend didn't come home for 2 days, she went totally bitchcakes.
by kat August 13, 2003
it's actually called germany or florida
it's a game invented by loveline co-host adam carolla in which listeners call in with freaky anecdotes regarding sex or some shit like that, and adam and dr. drew try to guess if the origin or the story is germany or florida
"germany or florida" is the pimpin' theme song sung by adam carolla
by kat December 15, 2003
mXc is effing awesome...
by kat November 17, 2003
Its literal meaning in Japanese is 'boy love'. In Japan, it's associated with paedophilia and is an obsolete term. In the West, however, it's taken on new meaning to refer to the less graphic depictions of male/male romantic relationships aimed at women. More descriptive art and fiction are often referred to as yaoi. Female/female relationships are called either shoujoai or yuri, depending on how graphic they are.

Many people have different attitudes to its use. Others will demand you use the term BL/boy's love as they do in Japan, some will say it covers all m/m relationships, but most follow the above description.
"This story is shounen ai, so please don't read if that offends you!"
by Kat January 21, 2004
Personally, I'm not too fond of this channel.

I agree when people say "it's not MTV because it shows music." They show some great shows called The Punk Show, Loud (I watch these two a lot), Going Coastal and The Wedge (sometimes I watch these shows). There are also many other music shows that people watch.

However, I also don't really agree about how Much is a music channel. Sure Much Music is a music channel... but when I flick to that channel, I see MTV Cribs. I also see a show called "Much Fakeover" which is basiclly another version of MTV Becoming, except without the cool presents and videos. There is also a show called Fandemonium, where fans are tortured to meet and win cool stuff related to the band. There are also reality shows called 'Til Death Do Us Part and Newly Weds, which again are reality shows borrowed FROM MTV! There is another show called "Much In Your Space" where you get you and your room madeover to look like the artist. And what about Much On Demand? That's like TRL, but with vote-a-matics and located in Canada.

In conclusion: Much is slowly becoming the new MTV for Canadians, and even other countries.
I think Much is soon becoming the new MTV, or just plain old MTV... Newly Weds, Becoming, 'Til Death Do Us Part, Duets, Making The Band 2, etc.
by Kat September 08, 2004