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District of Confusion; refers to Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the D.C area where life suxors and it is a police state.
We sold weed in Southeast DC at 5 am.
by Kat November 20, 2004
A sly way of referring to the foreskin on a non circumsized male
"CS # 2, how come all the men we love have raincoats?
by Kat September 26, 2003
They did have good records... the old ones (the good ones)... not much people know about them.
A good band up until Enema of the State.
by Kat September 12, 2004
nickname for girlfriend with small boobs
my boyfriend says a handful will do and he calls me his babycakes
by Kat July 01, 2004
The act of having sexual relations with a person who is physically and/or mentally challenged.
Yeah man, last night I got so drunk I wound up pushing mongo.
by Kat December 08, 2003
First of all, juggalo/lettes are people who are fans of any phycopathic artist. They dont give a shit about anything and they dont think of themselfs as fans. The dont do this cuz the music TELLS THEIR STORY. Juggalos come in different places, sizes, and races. Not all Juggalos listen to JUST phycopathic music or wear the clothes. Im a lette and guess what Im listening to? Im listen to Sum 41. And for all this bullshit on here that are dissin the Juggalo family, Yall need to see the difference between Fact and opinion...
Not all juggalos are fat ass, My boyfriend is all skin and bone. and he doesnt always listen to that music...Im WEARING HIS ATREYU HOODIE RIGHT NOW!!!!!

And Im sitting hear listening to Sum 41...and Im going to the concert...and Im wearing an AFI shit....AHH!!! IM STILL A MF LETTE!!!
by Kat April 25, 2005
a code word referring to ecstasy. to be used when around inappropriate or unsuspecting company, i.e. parents, teachers, probation officers.
K: Man last night was crazy!
M: What were you on?
K: I had my WHITE pants on, if you know what I mean...
by Kat November 21, 2004

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