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cunt, vagina, pussy...
i have a punani itch! hey look i have a punani hole!
by kaT July 09, 2003
the t.w.a.t. is an acronym for "the totally wicked awesome tour" that recently concluded. headlined by the all-american rejects and supported by limbeck and motion city soundtrack, it was, in fact totally wicked and awesome. it took place in the united kingdom in november 2003.
i went to the 21 nov show at the london astoria to see the second-to-last night of the t.w.a.t. it was fucking insane! and tyson ritter is damn fine...
by kat November 29, 2003
a term used in Northern California or on the East Coast. also known as hecka
that was hella cool!
by kat December 16, 2003
what finlay loves to do with men who dress as women
carrie, beautiful woman. Transvestite, fake woman. Finlay picked the transvestite to give him a good gobble.
by kat December 11, 2003
ephedrin tablets that are black and blue, similar to yellow jackets. known to cause severe heart problems, but hey they keep you more awake than addherol! they were recently outlawed after several people died of heart complications.
K:I drove 15 hours to Texas
M:How'd you do it?
K: I had me some black beauties, and some riddalin.
by Kat November 21, 2004
1. symbol that represents the USA

2. clothing store for anyone who can't afford abercrombie or just doesn't have one around, Funny story- this shit's made in India, not to mention it only costs 5 dollars there. so the moral is sell it to the stupid americans who will buy it for 5 times the price
wierd, its called AMERICAN eagle.
Let's go try to find that shirt i saw in abercrombie in american eagle, cuz i cant afford it there
by kat February 24, 2005
Combination of it's and not, creating snot. Used by young swingers and pimps
"Damn that car is bangin'!"

"Hell no, bro, s'not"
by kat March 07, 2005
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