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doien-v-to eat a plate of spegetti while fucking a bagel followed by fucking a donut
1.That sick-ass pervert was doiening all night long.
2.In the bakery there are two bathrooms and one doiening room.
by karl March 26, 2004
A Shebanger is the part of a chick's crotch where the grasses grow.
See also: crotch pussy
I need to trim down my shebanger.
by Karl January 23, 2005
Constant flooding of forums and chatbox's within x amount of seconds.

Spamming is defined by the number of posts by the spam queen M@ttie.
M@ttie ... 24 Jul : 14:34
cerebrum cerebrum cerebrum lol

M@ttie ... 24 Jul : 14:34
LoL, new definition of spam is Cerebrum
by Karl July 24, 2004
A power hungry TWL jerkoff; One having a large "Rod" in their cornhole.
"Oh i see we have another Rodimus working at TWL, what a shame"
by Karl December 31, 2003
Any one situation where you are at loss for words or phrases prior to any act about to be committed.
"Dude... let's get all totaly!"
by Karl November 11, 2003
ok. a nark can eather be someone who tells the cops that you got drugs or a nark can be some looser.

you see that simpsons episode where homer tries to be a hippi? he called marge a Nark?

and, in the movie Goodfellas the guy gets busted for having all that spank buy a bunch of narks.
by Karl March 06, 2003
The worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had the misfortune to elect.
the only prime minister who could not clearly speak either official language and embarassed himself and Canada every trip abroad.
Jean Cretien; I can see why you want to fight Palestine, the Sea of Galilee is your only lake and you want to protect it.
The rest Of The World; What ?

Jean cretien; A proof is a proof is a proof.
The Rest of Canada; What ?
by Karl June 19, 2006

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